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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for August 14 2009

This week we have Glen Winter listed and he will be directing Episode 5 , and Kevin Fair who will be directing Episode 6.    There were some photos taken by a Smallville fan visiting Vancouver this past week that are circulating of Smallville shooting outside with Tom on August 10 and some tweets from supporting actors for episodes 4 and 5 that suggest that #4 was shooting this past week and # 5 will begin shooting on August 17th.  I'll put that info behind the cut as well because it is spoiler related and I want to archive the info here in case I have to go back and check for some reason.  * Note...I will place the titles for these episodes under the cut since they are spoilers.

Archive of CDN Director's listing for this week here:

Episode 5 directed by Glen Winter Titled IDOL

Episode 6 directed by Kevin Fair Titled ROULETTE

Titles source

Twitter info:


- according to his "tweets" he has a part on Smallville as a bouncer in the episode titled ECHO.  His posts were made in the last 24 hours
"on set of Smallville waiting to do my part. This 5 liner is gonna take me into the wee hours of the morn.
"its called "echo" and I am playing the BouncerAllison Scagliotti who will be has a role in IDOL posted on twitter 12 hours ago : "Boarding momentarily, hitting the ground running. Wardrobe fitting, getting settled

Fan pictures of Tom in rigging on a lift high above the studio in his new hero costume that was scene in the ComicCon S9 preview trailer with the long black coat.  He is standing and striking a pose looking out over Metropolis.  Nice to know we get a great shot like that in ECHO.  Thanks to JayPat on the DTTWwhere you can look for those photos...

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