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Major spoilers for Episode Five thanks to "my hero" Craig at KryptonSite.

Behind the cut I've archived it in red and then my thoughts are listed in white.   All I can say is Season 9 can't start soon enough.

UPDATED 8/17/09: Lois meets her psychatrist, "Dr. Evans," and tells her there are things she wants to talk about off the record.
- Dr. Evans asks Lois to describe these dreams, and Lois tells her that they start off with "serious NC-17 violence" and then there's a recurring event - involving clothes coming off. "Lots of... naked... skin. Skin on skin."
- Dr. Evans asks if these dreams are about Clark and Lois gets defensive and says that yes, she's doing the "virtual kama sutra" with Clark Kent, and refers to her desk as "soft-core central."

       It makes sense that Lois would seek help after her "accident" because she has forgotten some events in her life and is haunted by some very violent disturbing dreams. 
I'm wondering if these sessions are going to end up helping Lois makes sense of these dreams and in the end help her remember what happened when she did the time jump?    Does Clark know that she is troubled by dreams?  He must have been wondering up to this point what she saw in the future and when she will remember.  I think that having Lois having these mystery visions and having her trying to figure out what it all means all season long and it in the end being very important information for Clark is very intriguing.

I just love how Lois describes her dreams as the "virtual kama sutra".
But wow after reading this I had to double check that I was reading about Episode 5 because I was expecting that Lois wouldn't know until sweeps who she was having sexy dreams/visions about.  But then again last year it was during Episode 5 Committed that we heard Lois admit under duress her feelings for Clark which surprised me too.  I sure hope SV shows Lois sitting across from Clark at the DP and thinking about the dreams and Clark wondering why she is so nervous around him. This could be very priceless because Lois has no idea that she went to the future and she might be trying her damnest to get over the farmboy and just be his friend and instead she's dreaming about him THAT WAY! Yeah!  

- Dr. Evans suggests that Lois's dream may have something to do with wanting to uncover something that's hidden within Clark. Lois admits she does feel like he is hiding something, and that the closer she gets to him, the more she feels like Clark is going to disappear.

I like that they are showing that when someone loves someone that they can pick up on whether the person is hiding something from them but I wonder if they are going to show that Lois is not going to push Clark too hard but give him chances to tell her. 
I remember Erica saying in an interview during ComicCon that she likes to think that a woman subconsciously deep downs knows the truth.  The part about her being worried that he is going to disappear made me kinda sad.  It made me think back to the relationship she had with her father and how he was always leaving her behind.  In Siren she revealed to Clark how this was her biggest fear and that that's what played a part in ending her relationship with Oliver.  It also is very symbolic because Clark as The Blur can disappear on her easily as the spoilers suggest that he did to her previously during a vulnerable moment. 

- "The Red-Blue Blur" calls while Lois is talking with Dr. Evans. The ring tone is "Holding Out For A Hero" (though of course this could change). Lois sends him to voice mail. Apparently the last time Lois opened up to the RBB, he vanished into thin air. The doctor suggests she still has feelings for this "mysterious caller," but Lois insists that he's history like "eight-track tapes" and "rotary phones."

lol great ring tone and I hope they keep it! *smiles*   So Lois must have been saying some stuff that really was getting to Clark as the Blur  for him to just take off like that.  It's no wonder that the producers were saying that  its hard to try and leave your own humanity behind when you are falling in love.  Clark you can't keeping running away!  I bet he was trying to use this Blur persona to be close to Lois but in a "safe non-committal" way and that's even back firing as she is "crushing"  on his alter-ego in an admiring kind of way.  I wonder if Clarkie as The Blur leaves her a message?  I bet that Clark as The Blur has stopped calling her for awhile because of his alter-ego's closeness to Lois put her in danger during a previous episode and that's why Lois is very frustrated and not taking his call.  Hmmm...but wait  a second.  Why is The Blur calling now?  I bet something has happened in the previous episode that has ratcheted up the UST/awkwardness dial between Clark and Lois and either both of them are nervous around each other or Lois is skittish around Clark and he's very worried about her but she won't open up now hence resorting to calling her as The Blur and getting the hang up.  *rubs hands together* 

- Chloe by this point knows that Clark has been calling Lois as "The Blur." She is there with him on the other side of the line. There is a reference made to "what happened with Corbin" from "Metallo."
- Chloe tells Clark he's going to need a better disguise

*claps hands* I'm not bothered at all that Chloe catches Clark on the phone as The Blur trying to talk to Lois because this could be used to show us Clark's POV by having Chloe ask what we would all like to ask.  I'm sure as Lois's cousin and Clark's BFF that she is going to call him on this and ask him why he is trying to push Lois away as Clark even though he has feelings for her and then doesn't want to tell Lois his secret in order to keep her safe yet as The Blur he is establishing a relationship with her. which could put her in danger.  ie maybe something happens in Metallo.  It's like that for both Lois and Clark THIS is safe while they are having trouble dealing with their feelings for each other but in Clark's case, he knows he's pretending to be someone else while Lois just finds her self drawn to this hero and his words.  Metallo reference?  I wonder if Lois's closeness with The Blur has put her in danger already....

- Something happens at one point that makes Lois think Clark is the Blur. The Blur does eventually reach her by the phone, however.
- Also in this episode it is Clark, not the Blur, who saves Lois from danger out on a ledge. There's a scene (possibly around the same moment?) where Lois wants to confess her feelings for him, and Clark looks deeply into her eyes, though it's unknown if they actually say anything.
- Dr. Evans tells Lois that there will be a time when she will have to choose between the Blur and Clark

Wow so Lois will think that Clark is the Blur?  I've been thinking about the inherit danger of Clark trying to be 2 different people to Lois and the possibility of slipping up at some point.  Lois is one smart cookie and words are her life so I'm betting that its something that Clark says that will ring a bell for Lois.  My money is someone will help Clark out by using his voice thing and phone Lois while Clark is standing there to throw her off for the time being.  Our luck its when Lois is about to tell Clark how she feels.  Gah!!!!  Chloe?  Probably...but only once with a warning to give Clark time to come clean with Lois like he did for Oliver.

I wonder if SV is going to have Lois do something (Superman films) to try and get Clark to admit he's The Blur but the phone rings and the fake Blur is one the phone.  I can't wait to see the scene play out where Lois gets emotional and wants to tell Clark how she feels but I hope that by this point we, the viewers, already know how Clark feels or get a very good idea because of the reaction from him as he stares at her.  It's time for us to see Clark realize how deeply in love with Lois Lane and struggle with these feelings as he tries to be the hero and leave his own humanity behind.  I'm putting my money on that they'll have another BRIDE moment where she nearly tells him and he's gazing into her eyes and a near kiss when this time they are interruped by his hero duties but she will feel again that every time she gets close to him he pulls away.  I don't think she'll turn to The Blur but instead will be frustrated in her love for Clark yet be drawn to The Blur.  We can only hope that the reporter in Ms. Lane starts to realize that when Clark runs away...its always when something big is happening.

- Zan and Jayna may be transforming themselves into a black panther... and a sheet of ice.
- The Metropolis D.A., Ray Sacks, holds a televised press conference urging the Blur to "step out of the shadows." He invites Clark to show himself and take responsibility for his actions" at a public press conference and derides his work as "vigilante behavior."
- Later at the press conference, the Blur doesn't show... but Lois does... announcing that she knows the Blur. She then has a monologue about how and why the Blur can't come out and make his presence known, and that he needs to be what we all need - a symbol to believe in, and a light in the darkness.
- This episode will have a very "V For Vendetta" moment within

A "V" moment?  I bet all bunch of fans of the Blur show up with his symbol on their chest since the episode is called IDOL and Clark is amazed that he has inspired this by his good deeds as the Blur.  But that is nothing until he hears the impassioned speech by Lois which I'm sure Erica will knock out of the park.  About time that they are giving her these kind of iconic Lois Lane moments on SV!  If Clark hasn't realized how much he loves Lois by now this moment should seal the deal.  But his new problem is that he has been trying to keep Lois safe by not letting her in on his secret and his alter ego and here she is letting the world know that she knows the Blur which now does put her in harms way.  I'm sure we are going to see this play out in future episodes with The Blur saving her and Clark under increasing pressure to tell Lois...everything.

Have I said that I can't wait for Season 9 to start? *grins*

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