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My friend [ profile] shatzen83 shared with me another CLOIS video she found that I was surprised to find out was done by a beginner, Priya.  Good job! :) I liked her choice of clips and fast editing to showcase all the Clark expressions that has reserved for Lois over the last 4 years as well as all the special "looks" that Lois has given to Clark over the same time period that have gone from teasing to flirty.

I hope you guys enjoy it and have a great weekend!  I am 'cause in less then an hour my neighborhood is about to close the main streets down for 3 days and host the biggest Greek Festival in North America.   Over one million folks are expected! I'm drooling already just thinking of all the amazing food.

*I suggest watching the video in HD....way better!

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My buddy [ profile] shatzen83  shared this awesome Lois Lane tribute video created by CataInDaHouse.  I love it vecause it captures Lois's personality perfectly and it has some CLOIS in it. Its to the tune Suddenly I See.  Enjoy.

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I was just watching the S9 Preview of Smallville Season 9 on my 42" LCD HDTV and wow did it look even better then using my video player on my laptop.  Now I want to watch some of the great videos from the Smallville Comic Con panel on my tv now too instead of on my laptop *grins*.

But wait a sec..I I should let my F-list know about a neat gadget that takes any of video files from your computer and upconverts them to HD.  Its the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player. What i love is instead of plugging my laptop into our TV I just have to plug in our portable hard drive or transfer the files I want to watch to a USB flash drive and plug it into the WD Player and with the remote I instantly can watch the video on our large screen TV.  I don't have to do a bunch of conversions and then burn it onto a DVD to watch it.  Granted the WD media player does come with software in case a video format that you have is not compatible with the player but so far I haven't found it necessary to use.'ll need a HDMI cable as well :)

Best Buy USA $119

WD Player Link info ) next technical post will be about how I've been without cable tv since May 24 and I've been watching DTV and HDTV channels and no I don't have a "dish". You'll want to read THAT post especially if you have a new TV with a tuner and you live in the north east....*whistles*
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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for July 31

Nothing has changed since last weeks list came out probaby because they had to make allowances for the cast and producers to travel to San Diego last weekend for Comic Con. Michael Rohl is listed for Episode 3, RABID,  and  Wayne Rose is listed next and he's directing Episode 4 ECHO  written by the popular Bryan Q. Miller.

Archived copy of July 31 2009 CDN Director's Guild List here

Spoilers about episode here... )
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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for July 24th.  Michael Rohl is listed since he has been directing Episode 3 but on Friday's list is Wayne Rose who will be directing Episode 4 and is yet untitled.   This will be the first time that Rose helm's an episode of Smallville but is familiar with the show because he has done numerous episodes leading the 2nd unit.   After looking at IMDB, I noticed he has done alot of work on Battlestar Gallactica and Smallville seems to using more and more actors from the show as well in the last 2 years too.

Source:  CDN BC District Director's Guild

Archive copy link:  July 24 2009

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EW's Ausiello just posted some spoilers online for Season 9 after running into Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson at a Warner Bros cocktail party.

Season 9 Spoilers )
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It has now been confirmed by 2 sources that for the first time Tom Welling will be at Comic Con for the SV panel this Sunday and he is now a co-executive producer for Smallville. 

I am overwhelmed with anticipation at the news because as SV fans know, a media appearance by TW is rare so to see him step into the frenzy of Comic Con will be a real treat for fans.  At least the other cast members are veterans of the process so he'll be in good  I hope that Erica is seated next to him as well so we get some awesome photos, video and interaction.  So I wonder if the other rumor is indeed true now?  To read the more just peak behind the LJ cut.

bouncy news here... )

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I guess I don't want it to end so I'm just going to do CLOIS episodes now...enjoy! 

Psst....If everything pans out I may be going to Vancouver in a few weeks.  Either last week of Aug and 1st week of Sept or the last 2 weeks of Sept.  *crossing fingers* that we can still get the deal on tickets we saw...wish me luck.


Lois...Lois...Lois...but I have noticed that Tom and Erica must like dancing in RL with all the scenes where Clark catches Lois in a dip position, reaches out and grabs her in a tango reach in BRIDE and then in these scene where she kinda twirls from him.  I wonder if Erica's natural clumsiness made them giggle? 

I know you wanna peak... )

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I've always wondered who Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster based Lois Lane on.  The answer is actually 2 ladies are the inspiration for the famous iconic character and I'll share what I've learned in 2 posts.  It wasn't  Lois Long who was a classmate of Siegal's and sang in the school choir or Lois Donaldson who was the editor of the school paper he worked on called the GLENVILLE H.S. TORCH.   Smallville fans.... notice anything?

The first lady who was the inspiration for the characteristics and personality of Ms. Lane was  Lois Amster who was the most beautiful girl in Glenville High, where Jerry and Joe went to school in Cleveland.  It seems that Siegal had a crush on Amster and would stare at her from afar and she thought of him as a nerd that she avoided.  It seems that Siegal might be the author of some romantic poems published about Lois Amster in the Glenville H.S. Torch school paper.

“She scarcely ever looks at me, I worship every glance, If only she would talk to me I’d do a jubilant dance.”  

It sure sounds like this was the basis of the mild mannered reporter in love with the intrepid beautiful reporter.  Lois Amster is still alive at 92 and is described as beautiful, spunky, independent, and witty and always wanted to be a detective...sounds like Lois Lane to me. *grins*

Sources and links to articles here... )

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I seem to be stuck on this I thought I'd get it out of my system by posting what I have chose so I can fun with COMMITMENT.


Such a sexy look...

Is he wondering if he's made the right decision or is he worried that he'll never find his soul mate and be alone.  It's something Clark Kent has always worried about on Smallville. 

Psst....don't peak...well okay... )
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Craig from posted the link to this spoilerish article about some things to expect in the first 2 episodes of the new season on Smallville.  The link,  part of the article and my thoughts are behind the cut. Enjoy!

TV GUIDE Magazine )
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Welcome to [profile] emerald_night and [ profile] pinkskyicons to my F-list :)


[ profile] chrisluvstommy ...I thought I'd put the grey t-shirt ones up first since I know how much you love this look. *smirks*

Prepare youself.. )
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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now.  On July 17th release of the CDN BC Director's Guild list of director's working they have Mairzee Almas and then Michael Rohl.  It is unconfirmed but my best guess is that Mairzee Almas was directing Episode #2 Metallico and Michael Rohl is going to start Episode #3 on Monday which is still untitled.  Craig over on KryptonSite is also reporting that Rohl is directing #3.


Information changes ever week on the DGCBC so if you are archiving copies like myself and you forgot to save it to your computer then you can download a copy here:
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As we get closer and closer to Comic Con and another season of Smallville's Clark Kent getting closer and closer to his heroic destiny I thought it would be fun to go back to the beginning and see where the inspiration came from to create the most famous comic book hero...ever.   So I've found some interesting articles I'd like to share on my LJ so this is the first installment.  Thank you [ profile] shardsofblu for patiently waiting...enjoy:)

On April 26 1992, the last interview with one of the co-creators of Superman, Joe Shuster was done for the TORONTO STAR,  Joe Shuster was born in Toronto, Canada but later moved to Cleveland Ohio when he was 10 but in this interview he reveals why Toronto and its newspaper were very important to him and some other interesting tidbits.

``Cleveland was not nearly as metropolitan as Toronto was, and it was not as big or as beautiful. Whatever buildings I saw in Toronto remained in my mind and came out in the form of Metropolis."

Interesting facts.
  • Superman is patterned off of the "heroic physique and glowing optimism" Douglas Fairbanks Sr
  • Clark Kent's name is from old movie stars Clark Gable and Kent Taylor and he's patterned off of Harold Lloyd and Shuster himself.
  • Lois Lane?  Joe Shuster's model was Joanne Carter, who later became the other co-creator of Superman, Jerry Siegel's wife. Note...Jerry Siegal invisioned the character and personality of Lois Lane before he met the model.
  • Joe was a newsboy for one of Canada's biggest newspapers
  • The Daily Planet was called a different name originally but was changed by DC....The Daily Star...aka The Toronto Daily Star now known today as the Toronto Star.
  • The Toronto newspaper introduced him to the colorful and imaginative world of comics at an early age and by age 4 he was drawing all over the walls of his parents house!

``There it is,'' Shuster says, pointing to a picture of Superman descending toward a Metropolis skyline. The caption on the comic panel says the Man of Steel has landed near the Daily Star building.

``Sure! The Star!'' Shuster exclaims, wheezing slightly. ``Not the Planet. That came later.``I still remember drawing one of the earliest panels that showed the newspaper building. We needed a name, and I spontaneously remembered the Toronto Star. So that's the way I lettered it. I decided to do it that way on the spur of the moment, because The Star was such a great influence on my life.''

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Here is the last of the Gifs I have in my archive that were created by KalKai from SHH and this time it is for the episode called BLOODLINE.

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Every season I keep track of who is directing Smallville by following the weekly updates posted online from the Director's Guild of BC and I archive them.   For curiousity sake that way I can figure out which episode they are working on week to week and we can have an idea if an episode is taking longer to film ie special effects etc.  I thought I'd start uploading the pdfs of each weekly list on my LJ in case other folks are interested in following SV this way as well or any other shows that are filmed in Vancouver ie Supernatural. 

Beginning in August, you'll see Twilight Saga Eclipse pop up cryptically under "Features" but last time they hid it under  "Untitled Sports Movie" and it was the name of the director that gave it away that it was New Moon *smirks*.  They are scheduled to be shooting from August 17 to October 31 in the Vancouver area and the RPatz mania will resume since last time he was out on the town with the locals...ALOT. Now if only TW would do the same *grins*

Smallville production schedule: July 6 2009 to April 2, 2010

July 3 and July 10 lists Kevin Fair and Mairzee Almas as directing the first 2 episodes of S9 Smallville.

July 3 2009 PDF

July 10 2009 PDF


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I'm a little behind again but that's life sometimes right? So without further adieu...

Lots of TW... )


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