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I've met a alot of great people online and well some not so great if the truth be told but this post is not about those folks.   One of my friends that I met online through Smallville fandom is Jana [ profile] jr24tw .  *huggles*  Babe you have been my picture angel and I'm glad that I got to know you.  Under the cut I've placed some recent picttures of Alexander, my "little Lex", and a video of him getting really excited watching streetcars....AGAIN.  Today he had bus drivers and truck drivers honking and waving at hm when we were out for a walk.  Geez and to think that used to happen to  Enjoy :)

Little Lex )
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Some of you know that I'm a "MOM" :) so I've been following the issue of BPA for many months now.  What is BPA or Bisphenol A and why should you care?  Well it is commonly found in plastic baby bottles, hard plastic resuable water bottles and the lining of some food cans and it will now be classified as "toxic" under Canadian law...the first jurisdiction in the world.  BPA makes plastics very hard and shatterproof but studies have shown that when heated (ie washing or sterilizing ), the chemical leeches into food and liquids, imitates the female hormone estrogen and it has been linked to cancer and infertility in animals.

On a personal note: I was just starting to try and see if Alexander would take to a bottle when he was 6 months old when the first big news started coming out about BPA. Wow does that make you as a parent feel sick to your stomach.    For months when you are pregnant you try so hard to do everything right, eat only good things and exercise so that you will have a healthy baby and then you hear something like this.  In a way I was lucky because Alexander hated pacifiers and bottles and only wanted what his "Mama" could give him. My heart goes out to other moms who had already moved from nursing to formula and were now panicing and trying to find a safe way to feed their baby.



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