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Here is the last of the Gifs I have in my archive that were created by KalKai from SHH and this time it is for the episode called BLOODLINE.

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Drum roll are the sexy hot Gifs that Kalkai created on SHH for  INSTINCT that I've been promising to post on my LJ.   6 are hidden under the cut... Enjoy:)

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Here is my Shelby batch from INSTINCT created by KalKai from SHH.  Not a fan of the necklace but I guess it served it purpose to set up the great CLOIS scene to follow - Vanilla vs 


Shelby time! :) )  

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Here is the first batch for INSTINCT created by KalKai over on SHH.  Someone requested some Gifs of Clark Kent walking and lots more are under the cut.  BTW, I've saved the best Gifs KalKai created to post last and they will be worth the wait.

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Here are 3 Gifs made by KalKai from SHH for Plastique.  Tom may not be wearing the blue suit and cape but in these 2 Gifs, he has never looked more like the iconic Superman.  I love the one with Clark and Lois....the beginning :)


 another one here.... )

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A big batch of Gifs created by the talented KalKai from SHH for Odyssey.  Warning...not dial up friendly. Now go and take a peak!


alot more goodies are hiding... )alot more goodies are hiding... )

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Wow I'm falling behind in the Clark Kent picspam so in order to make up for that, here are some Gifs from Odyssey made by Kalkai over on SHH.  The first three are from the scene with the Russian and I've  4  under the cut....


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Here are 2 Gifs from the CW Season 6 campaign made by Legend Killer over at SHH.  I love both of them but keep getting hypnotized by Tom'

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I used to post over at Superherohype'sSmallville board alot and there used to be a thread where KaiKal and Legend Killer posted some amazing GIFs he created for Smallville.  It is a hard thread to track down but luckily I saved a bunch so I'm going to start sharing them on my LJ.  Thanks KaiKal and Legend Killer for the amazing work.  Enjoy :) Psst...there is one from "behind" behind the cut... 

PS. The first one with Clark running through the fields was created by Legend Killer and the rest by Kalkai :)


*please no hotlinking!  

2 more.... )


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