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Since Lois really loves her rock music then I'm sure that this collaboration between the lead singer of Whitesnake, David Coverdale and the guitarist from Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page would definitely be on her mp3 player.  With its sexy guitar rift at the beginning moving to a sexy beat I could see Lois including this in her alcohol induced Whitesnake sing-a-long with Clark in COMMITTED.  In BLOODLINE, Lois mentions their guitar hero weekends I wonder which one of them was better doing the Page's  Now I dont want to be your slave,
Youre trying to drive me to an early grave

Screencaps Credit to Home of the Nutty

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I think once you have listened to Whitesnake's IS THIS LOVE you'll agree that this would be Lois's choice to slow dance with Clark but there is another song by Whitesnake that I'll share later that could really fit CLOIS as well.  I did like the music in BRIDE that they danced to because it had a sultry tango overtone and fit with Lois trying to walk away and Clark grabbing her arm and dragging her nicely to the dance floor. Hmm....I wonder when Clark stopped to stare at Lois when their dance was interrupted by a guy bumping into them, if Clark remembered what Lois said to him in CRIMSON when she was under the effects of the love potion.   I will kill you if you tell anyone this, but... there is nothing that I love more than slow-dancing with some big, strong arms around me... just like yours, Smallville.

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When we were driving home from Niagara Falls on Sunday night we decided to listen to some Whitesnake and chit chat about Smallville.  I joked about Lois creating a "power ballad" mix CD to slow dance with Clark in CRIMSON and of course the 2 two mega hits came to mind "Here I Go Again" and "Is This Love."  As we listened to more songs I wondered what songs in COMMITTED that a drunken Lois decided to do a sing-a-long for Clark.  Well it was fun trying to imagine what the writer's were thinking so I thought I'd begin by sharing a link to the most famous Whitesnake song and then over the next few days I'll share some more to think happy thoughts until Lois Lane is back for the finale.    When you listen to "Here I Go Again" imagine Lois dancing around in Clark's football jersey and doing her air guitar  Geez I wonder if he danced around like the girl in the video :)


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*screencap source Home of the Nutty - thanks:)


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