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One of my favorite 80's bands that are still rocking. *grin*  I was surfing youtube and I can't believe I found video from the '87 "Slippery When Wet" concert in Vancouver that I went to.  I remember I couldn't talk for 2 days after wards because I lost my voice from screaming so   I don't know if you guys know but  BON JOVI recorded that top selling rock album in Vancouver and the title is a tribute to their famous past time they had while recording  that he talks about in the introduction to the song.   Slippery When Wet refers to an erotic dancer's routine at an infamous Vancouver strip club called the No 5 Orange that still exists where the dancer would take a shower on  He really loved my hometown and dedicates the song to those girls from the clubs....bad boys but still love 'em.

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The Vancouver band...SPIRIT OF THE WEST singing the drinking song....Home for A Rest. 

I love the celtic influence in this song that you usually get from bands from the east coast of Canada.  This song makes you want to go grab you good friends and get down to the pub and hoist a pint :) Happy long weekend friends :)

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Yesterday the lead singer announced he's leaving the quintessential Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies. It won't be the same :(

Song: The Apartment


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