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Funny how the words stupidity and ignorant seem to always come to mind when I think of the FOX NEWS CHANNEL  and I usually just roll my eyes when I hear anything that they have to report.  So when I heard that their satire show called Red Eye had poked fun at my country again I shrugged my shoulders until I saw the glaring Fox News story “Sorry for trashing our troops “ on the front page of Canada’s largest city’s newspaper .   Sigh.  Alongside the Fox story is a story of thousands of Canadians lining highway overpasses on the freeway that had a motorcade of 4 dead Canadian soldiers that had died in Kandahar Afghanistan just a few days ago.  Sigh.  For starters I do not expect any of my American friends to be up to date on what Canada is up to in the world but I do expect that a show on a news channel (yes, even a satirical one that  on Fox) would in this age of technology and lightening fast info to have at least used Google.   It was in extremely bad taste  IMO to knock any countries soldiers especially soldiers that are fighting  alongside American soldiers in the most dangerous area of Afghanistan and have been there since 2001.  I realize that they are making apologies but the damage has been done and I feel bad for the military families in times like this.

In the clip, Gutfeld says the Canadian military "wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white capri pants." "Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country? They have no army!" he asks the panel. Panellist Benson replies: "I didn't even know they were in the war. I thought that's where you go when you don't want to fight. Go chill in Canada. I guess that'll be their tourism selling point: We're not in the war for a year. So come on by while we nap."

With President Obama re-addressing the mission in Afghanistan and Canada pulling out in 2011, this is not a good time to have Canadians asking themselves the question....”why even bother.”  Under the cut is the youtube video that was posted by an angry Canadian which brought this to the attention to the Canadian media because most Canadian’s don’t even get the channel.  I've also added the CTV News coverage of the Canadian soldiers coming home vis a vis the Canadian response to the Fox show.  Sigh.
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*bounces up and down*

Just heard on the morning news that Toronto is going to host the North American stage premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to to his mega hit the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA called PHANTOM : LOVE NEVER DIES.  

*bounces up and down*

I love theatre and even though Phantom is not my #1 (Les Miserables wins for me ), after seeing Webber's reincarnation of the Sound of Music and overall loving the romance and grandness of Phantom I can't help but be excited about his new production.  If you've never seen it live well you've missed having this gigantic chandelier falling from the ceiling for one! Originally he planned to open his sequal simulitanously in London, New York and Shanghai but with the way the economy is I'm not surprised he would test it in Toronto rather then Broadway first.  Also Toronto hosted Phantom for 10 successful years and the current star of Phantom on the London stage right now is from Toronto and after seeing a picture of him I'd never put him behind a mask *grin*

To read more about what the plot will be for the sequal and the links just peak behind the cut.

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The New York Times has a story in its paper today that this years Oscars telecast is having an end-of-show, upcoming-movie montage and Warner Brothers has picked which movies they have sent clips of.   Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have been chosen but no news if the studio will be showcasing new footage or if they will be using footage already scene in trailers.

New York Times article

*credit to the Leaky Cauldron Harry Potter site where I saw the initial story.

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Some of you know that I'm a "MOM" :) so I've been following the issue of BPA for many months now.  What is BPA or Bisphenol A and why should you care?  Well it is commonly found in plastic baby bottles, hard plastic resuable water bottles and the lining of some food cans and it will now be classified as "toxic" under Canadian law...the first jurisdiction in the world.  BPA makes plastics very hard and shatterproof but studies have shown that when heated (ie washing or sterilizing ), the chemical leeches into food and liquids, imitates the female hormone estrogen and it has been linked to cancer and infertility in animals.

On a personal note: I was just starting to try and see if Alexander would take to a bottle when he was 6 months old when the first big news started coming out about BPA. Wow does that make you as a parent feel sick to your stomach.    For months when you are pregnant you try so hard to do everything right, eat only good things and exercise so that you will have a healthy baby and then you hear something like this.  In a way I was lucky because Alexander hated pacifiers and bottles and only wanted what his "Mama" could give him. My heart goes out to other moms who had already moved from nursing to formula and were now panicing and trying to find a safe way to feed their baby.



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