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As promised here are more interior shots of the Marine Building in Vancouver that Smallville uses for the Daily Planet.  I found some more of the elevator including the inside and surprisingly Smallville did an incredible job of duplicating the real one as you'll see under the cut.  The interior is a bit over the top but during this time of the race to build taller and more lavish skyscrapers in North American cities I'm glad that it still survived because sadly so many others have been torn down. For example the Toronto art  deco tower that was the home for the Toronto Daily Star that Joe Shuster worked at and was the inspiration for the Daily Planet is gone except for its artful brass doors.  I stumbled across them one day downtown when I was helping Alexander in his stroller and noticed them and a small plaque.

Interior Lobby of the Marine Building


Tons more under the cut...take a look! )

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SUPERMAN - For Tomorrow

She makes me human?  No, I can't be that.

But she does make me...a man.

SUPERMAN - FOR TOMORROW presents the Superman as a darker, brooding  hero who is dealing with the disappearance or vanishing of the love of his life.  Clark is devasted and blames himself but they are miraculously reunited in one of the most passionate comic renderings of Superman and Lois I think I've ever scene.   I have always seen some great avi's and arts made from scans from this comic book and Hana [ profile] hanakt had posted a fantastic picspam of all the CLOIS scenes (because there are more then what I've posted) on her LJ but they are in spanish.

After how S8 ended with Lois going POOF when she accidently put on the Legion ring left for Clark to use and Clark giving up on his own humanity after the disasterous events leading up to and including Doomsday I was reminded of the comic FOR TOMORROW and the vanishing.  Under the cut I'll discuss more about FOR TOMORROW and include some spoilery thoughts about S9.  I've also included full size scans of the beautiful passionate scene under the cut.   I was going to re-size them but the artwork is so beautiful I didn't have the heart and I thought others might like to snag them to use for arts.

Thanks to Uadlika for the use of the scans.

HUGE images behind the cut - WARNING!

For Tomorrow Picspam )For Tomorrow Picspam )
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I guess I don't want it to end so I'm just going to do CLOIS episodes now...enjoy! 

Psst....If everything pans out I may be going to Vancouver in a few weeks.  Either last week of Aug and 1st week of Sept or the last 2 weeks of Sept.  *crossing fingers* that we can still get the deal on tickets we saw...wish me luck.


Lois...Lois...Lois...but I have noticed that Tom and Erica must like dancing in RL with all the scenes where Clark catches Lois in a dip position, reaches out and grabs her in a tango reach in BRIDE and then in these scene where she kinda twirls from him.  I wonder if Erica's natural clumsiness made them giggle? 

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I seem to be stuck on this I thought I'd get it out of my system by posting what I have chose so I can fun with COMMITMENT.


Such a sexy look...

Is he wondering if he's made the right decision or is he worried that he'll never find his soul mate and be alone.  It's something Clark Kent has always worried about on Smallville. 

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Welcome to [profile] emerald_night and [ profile] pinkskyicons to my F-list :)


[ profile] chrisluvstommy ...I thought I'd put the grey t-shirt ones up first since I know how much you love this look. *smirks*

Prepare youself.. )
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I'm a little behind again but that's life sometimes right? So without further adieu...

Lots of TW... )
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lol...finally finished S5.  I am  really enjoying looking at everyone's great TW pictures in their posts and I promise to leave some comments after I get back on track with the S6 fun :)  Now onto the jawdropping awesomeness of Mr. Tom Welling.

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It's a lot of work pouring over all these screencaps looking for the beautiful Mr. Welling best shots but I'm very determined to catch up sooner then later *smirk*. Enjoy :)

I love this scene *wipes tears away*.  But doesn't the framing and placement of this scene seem very familiar folks?  Hint...Arctic.

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Since I've falling behind again I'm going to skip some episodes but I didn't want to not post some of the caps I found so I hope you guys enjoy.!

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This is my favorite CLANA scene of all time.  In 7 years and a bit I don't think there is any scene that captures how much they love each other then when Lana sees him for the first time since "he died" and the look on his face when he sees her. 

haven't forgotten CLOIS  )
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This is my favorite shot of all 3 episodes (Arrival) because I love the Kryptonian symbols swirling around Clark as he started his training and how beautiful the whole sequence was from start to finish.  I confess I'm a sucker for all the Superman mythos stuff.

Better late then never I always say folks so here ya go!

Whister glacier shots aka FOS home and more... )
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Yeah we are beginning S4 which is one of my favorites because of the introduction of Lois Lane.  Smallville always likes to do their own little twist with the mythos and never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined Lois meeting a naked amnesiac Clark aka Kal-El in a cornfield.  If I remember right this was the first scene that Erica shot for Smallville so what an incredible introduction for her too when I think about it...a nearly naked Tom Welling. *smirk*  The first 3 episodes really showed the incredible chemistry between the actors and IMO and let Tom show another side to Clark Kent. Enough of my rambling and on to why you stopped by in the first place....screencaps. :)


I love this scene because even though Clark is Kal-El the whole scene pretty well sets up the comedic side of Clark and Lois's relationship on Smallville.

Lots more where this came from... )


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I can't believe we are about to start picking our favorites for S4 tomorrow!  Great job my friends for all your "hard work" searching far and wide for your best pics of Clark Kent :)  Much appreciated.  *claps hands*


I picked this one to show first because it summed up for me Clark's sense of loss and betrayal by friends and loved ones and his reluctant surrender to the unknown because he just wants to feel like he belongs.  After I read an episode re-cap of Convenant I really had a sense of dejavue regarding how Clark must have felt at the end of Doomsday after all the lies and betrayals by his friends and loved ones.  The only person who had shown nothing but loyality and support had disappeared literally so now he is all alone once again turning his back on his human upbringing...and now he must find hope again...

Your allowed to peak... )Your allowed to peak... )
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Wow after missing out on all the Picspam fun the last 2 weeks I think I am "back in the saddle" again with sharing some of my favorite caps.


Delete and Velocity are under the cute and caps credit to

The pretty... )
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Wow I'm so behind posting pics that I'm lost on which day it is and it looks like we are doing multiple episodes now too *grin*  Hey more the "pretty" I say :)   I am going to go back and look at what everyone posted while I was gone but first I thought I'd share some gifs I had archived on my old computer that I found and I thought I'd share.  I'm not sure who created them but if you recognize the work please let me know so I can credit them.

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Season 1 Ep 15 Nicodemus

Wet Clark....sigh
Cuteness )
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Season 1 Episode 13 Kinetic

profile pretty... )
Rescue me anytime.....
*caps credit
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Season 1 Episode 11 Hug

*thud* lol  I know the episode is titled "Hug" but this cap says ALOT more......
Turtlenecks, CGI .... )
Trying very hard to catch up to you guys and really loving all the caps everyone is posting.  My BF is on vacation this week and doing a conference paper so my computer time is limited.  Gah!!!!
*cap credit


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