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In January 1999, I was lucky enough to see Michael Shanks play Hamlet on stage in Vancouver.  I remember it well because my BF and I had only been dating for a month then and he surprised me with tickets.

"In and over and through this timeless landscape capers a Hamlet who at first seems suitably lost in moody melancholy. Shanks doesn't ignite until the ghost of Hamlet's father urges his son to avenge a murder most foul. From then on it's a treat to watch this handsome and spirited young actor dominate the stage with the tics and twirls of a madness that Hamlet alternately feigns and loses himself within."
Review from the Vancouver Sun

This is why he'll do an awesome job as Carter Hall aka Hawkman in Smallville's Absolute Justice 2 hour event.  Hamlet is one of the hardest and most demanding roles for an actor and as  I watched from the front row and I soon forgot that he worked on SG-1.  He was trained in the theatre first and studied at UBC (Met U *grins*).

Shanks as Hawkman spoilers and more interviews and pics! )
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One week to go before Smallville starts again and I thought I'd ponder some spoilers that have come out during the hiatus
about the first 2 episodes to air in January and write down my thoughts.  SPOILERS AHEAD!

ETA Updated with some more preview images from WARRIOR thx picture Angel.

Smallville Episodes 10 and 11 )
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As promised here are more interior shots of the Marine Building in Vancouver that Smallville uses for the Daily Planet.  I found some more of the elevator including the inside and surprisingly Smallville did an incredible job of duplicating the real one as you'll see under the cut.  The interior is a bit over the top but during this time of the race to build taller and more lavish skyscrapers in North American cities I'm glad that it still survived because sadly so many others have been torn down. For example the Toronto art  deco tower that was the home for the Toronto Daily Star that Joe Shuster worked at and was the inspiration for the Daily Planet is gone except for its artful brass doors.  I stumbled across them one day downtown when I was helping Alexander in his stroller and noticed them and a small plaque.

Interior Lobby of the Marine Building


Tons more under the cut...take a look! )

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When I'm in Vancouver I'm going to take my BF who is a great photographer inside the Marine Building aka Smallville's Daily Planet and photograph the incredible lobby.  But for now here are some photographs done by Brian that really show how the set designers on Smallville were inspired by the original building and definitely paid homage to it when they designed their set.  Just look at the elevators people.  Remember that his historically significant building was built in 1930.  I do have many more from another site to share as well but I wanted to get some up first as we get closer and closer to another new season of Smallville. 


More interior shots under the cut including some nice exterior ones as well.  Just click on the images for larger views. I hope you didn't mind the wait [ profile] shardsofblu 

Interior of the Daily Planet in Vancouver )
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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for August 21 2009.  I'm a little late but I always say better late then never...

This week we have Kevin Fair listed who is directing Episode 6 and the new entry is Michael Rohl who will be directing Episode 7.

Archive of Canadian Director's Guild for this week is here:

What is shooting.... )
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Major spoilers for Episode Five thanks to "my hero" Craig at KryptonSite.

Behind the cut I've archived it in red and then my thoughts are listed in white.   All I can say is Season 9 can't start soon enough.

You have been warned :) grins )

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The Marine Building aka Smallville's home of the Daily Planet has always been one of my favorite buildings to visit when I'm home because of its art deco architecture and its place as one of the historically important buildings in Vancouver.  I am hoping that this time we will be able to get inside to take some photos because if you think the twirling front doorsat the street entrance you see on TV every week are amazing it is nothing compared to the craftsmanship of the interior lobby and elevators.  The set designers on Smallville really don't get enough credit for the work they do and I hope to share some photos so that my F-list can see how much they were inspired by the actual building and tried to replicate as much as they could for the show.  I am going to post some photos in the next few days of the interior but for now I was doing some research for my trip to Vancouver when I came across these incredible photos of the exterior by a photographer called "Tripleman".  You can see below how even the roof of the Marine Building as been re-created at the Smallville studios in Burnaby for some of the iconic scenes.  So a big round of applause for the set designers for their hard work for the show *smiles*

Inside the cut you can see the images full size and a big thanks to the awesome photographer "Tripleman" for sharing these photos.


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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for August 14 2009

This week we have Glen Winter listed and he will be directing Episode 5 , and Kevin Fair who will be directing Episode 6.    There were some photos taken by a Smallville fan visiting Vancouver this past week that are circulating of Smallville shooting outside with Tom on August 10 and some tweets from supporting actors for episodes 4 and 5 that suggest that #4 was shooting this past week and # 5 will begin shooting on August 17th.  I'll put that info behind the cut as well because it is spoiler related and I want to archive the info here in case I have to go back and check for some reason.  * Note...I will place the titles for these episodes under the cut since they are spoilers.

Archive of CDN Director's listing for this week here:

Spoilers...titles of episodes behind here )Spoilers...titles of episodes behind here )
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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for August 7 2009

This week we have Wayne Rose listed (Episode 4) and next Glen Winter who I assume is directing the next episode...five.  Glen has directed in the past INFAMOUS, COMMITTED AND CRIMSON..all great CLOIS episodes. 

Archive of CDN Director's listing for this week here:

To read more spoilers go to Craig's site

Spoilers for Episode titles... )

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My friend [ profile] shatzen83 shared with me another CLOIS video she found that I was surprised to find out was done by a beginner, Priya.  Good job! :) I liked her choice of clips and fast editing to showcase all the Clark expressions that has reserved for Lois over the last 4 years as well as all the special "looks" that Lois has given to Clark over the same time period that have gone from teasing to flirty.

I hope you guys enjoy it and have a great weekend!  I am 'cause in less then an hour my neighborhood is about to close the main streets down for 3 days and host the biggest Greek Festival in North America.   Over one million folks are expected! I'm drooling already just thinking of all the amazing food.

*I suggest watching the video in HD....way better!

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My buddy [ profile] shatzen83  shared this awesome Lois Lane tribute video created by CataInDaHouse.  I love it vecause it captures Lois's personality perfectly and it has some CLOIS in it. Its to the tune Suddenly I See.  Enjoy.

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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for July 31

Nothing has changed since last weeks list came out probaby because they had to make allowances for the cast and producers to travel to San Diego last weekend for Comic Con. Michael Rohl is listed for Episode 3, RABID,  and  Wayne Rose is listed next and he's directing Episode 4 ECHO  written by the popular Bryan Q. Miller.

Archived copy of July 31 2009 CDN Director's Guild List here

Spoilers about episode here... )
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Here's my weekly update about Smallville and who is directing episodes right now from the Canadian BC Director's Guild List for July 24th.  Michael Rohl is listed since he has been directing Episode 3 but on Friday's list is Wayne Rose who will be directing Episode 4 and is yet untitled.   This will be the first time that Rose helm's an episode of Smallville but is familiar with the show because he has done numerous episodes leading the 2nd unit.   After looking at IMDB, I noticed he has done alot of work on Battlestar Gallactica and Smallville seems to using more and more actors from the show as well in the last 2 years too.

Source:  CDN BC District Director's Guild

Archive copy link:  July 24 2009

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EW's Ausiello just posted some spoilers online for Season 9 after running into Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson at a Warner Bros cocktail party.

Season 9 Spoilers )
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It has now been confirmed by 2 sources that for the first time Tom Welling will be at Comic Con for the SV panel this Sunday and he is now a co-executive producer for Smallville. 

I am overwhelmed with anticipation at the news because as SV fans know, a media appearance by TW is rare so to see him step into the frenzy of Comic Con will be a real treat for fans.  At least the other cast members are veterans of the process so he'll be in good  I hope that Erica is seated next to him as well so we get some awesome photos, video and interaction.  So I wonder if the other rumor is indeed true now?  To read the more just peak behind the LJ cut.

bouncy news here... )

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I guess I don't want it to end so I'm just going to do CLOIS episodes now...enjoy! 

Psst....If everything pans out I may be going to Vancouver in a few weeks.  Either last week of Aug and 1st week of Sept or the last 2 weeks of Sept.  *crossing fingers* that we can still get the deal on tickets we saw...wish me luck.


Lois...Lois...Lois...but I have noticed that Tom and Erica must like dancing in RL with all the scenes where Clark catches Lois in a dip position, reaches out and grabs her in a tango reach in BRIDE and then in these scene where she kinda twirls from him.  I wonder if Erica's natural clumsiness made them giggle? 

I know you wanna peak... )

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I seem to be stuck on this I thought I'd get it out of my system by posting what I have chose so I can fun with COMMITMENT.


Such a sexy look...

Is he wondering if he's made the right decision or is he worried that he'll never find his soul mate and be alone.  It's something Clark Kent has always worried about on Smallville. 

Psst....don't peak...well okay... )
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Craig from posted the link to this spoilerish article about some things to expect in the first 2 episodes of the new season on Smallville.  The link,  part of the article and my thoughts are behind the cut. Enjoy!

TV GUIDE Magazine )


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