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I was just watching the S9 Preview of Smallville Season 9 on my 42" LCD HDTV and wow did it look even better then using my video player on my laptop.  Now I want to watch some of the great videos from the Smallville Comic Con panel on my tv now too instead of on my laptop *grins*.

But wait a sec..I I should let my F-list know about a neat gadget that takes any of video files from your computer and upconverts them to HD.  Its the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player. What i love is instead of plugging my laptop into our TV I just have to plug in our portable hard drive or transfer the files I want to watch to a USB flash drive and plug it into the WD Player and with the remote I instantly can watch the video on our large screen TV.  I don't have to do a bunch of conversions and then burn it onto a DVD to watch it.  Granted the WD media player does come with software in case a video format that you have is not compatible with the player but so far I haven't found it necessary to use.'ll need a HDMI cable as well :)

Best Buy USA $119

WD Player Link info ) next technical post will be about how I've been without cable tv since May 24 and I've been watching DTV and HDTV channels and no I don't have a "dish". You'll want to read THAT post especially if you have a new TV with a tuner and you live in the north east....*whistles*
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Before my other computer died I was using a great media player to watch and screencap videos.  Well I finally found it again and I hope this helps my friend [ profile] chrisluvstommy  out alot because she LOVES sharing and making caps of Tom Welling in Smallville.  [personal profile] cloiser_trish  I hope this helps in your production of your fantastic arts. They are all freeware so have fun everyone! 

This is my favorite because it allows you to go forward "frame by frame" and then manually screencap each frame and then it  automatically saves it to a folder for you as a jpg. are going to love watching Tom that closely *grin*

This player is really nice and allows for you to do "burst capping" where you set it the frame rate and walk away and come back later and check out all the screencaps you automatically captured.  You can also use it in manual mode but I found that AVS MEDIA PLAYER was alot easier to capture frame by frame.

Managing All Those Screencaps
To view, edit and manage your screencaps very quickly to get rid of those icky ones I recommend this lightweight but fully functionally program called INFANVIEW
*note  I used AVS and INFANVIEW to do my screencaps for Craig at Kryptonsite for the Canadian trailers of Smallville and both programs allowed me to do this fast and efficiently.


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