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In January 1999, I was lucky enough to see Michael Shanks play Hamlet on stage in Vancouver.  I remember it well because my BF and I had only been dating for a month then and he surprised me with tickets.

"In and over and through this timeless landscape capers a Hamlet who at first seems suitably lost in moody melancholy. Shanks doesn't ignite until the ghost of Hamlet's father urges his son to avenge a murder most foul. From then on it's a treat to watch this handsome and spirited young actor dominate the stage with the tics and twirls of a madness that Hamlet alternately feigns and loses himself within."
Review from the Vancouver Sun

This is why he'll do an awesome job as Carter Hall aka Hawkman in Smallville's Absolute Justice 2 hour event.  Hamlet is one of the hardest and most demanding roles for an actor and as  I watched from the front row and I soon forgot that he worked on SG-1.  He was trained in the theatre first and studied at UBC (Met U *grins*).

Shanks as Hawkman spoilers and more interviews and pics! )
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*bounces up and down*

Just heard on the morning news that Toronto is going to host the North American stage premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to to his mega hit the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA called PHANTOM : LOVE NEVER DIES.  

*bounces up and down*

I love theatre and even though Phantom is not my #1 (Les Miserables wins for me ), after seeing Webber's reincarnation of the Sound of Music and overall loving the romance and grandness of Phantom I can't help but be excited about his new production.  If you've never seen it live well you've missed having this gigantic chandelier falling from the ceiling for one! Originally he planned to open his sequal simulitanously in London, New York and Shanghai but with the way the economy is I'm not surprised he would test it in Toronto rather then Broadway first.  Also Toronto hosted Phantom for 10 successful years and the current star of Phantom on the London stage right now is from Toronto and after seeing a picture of him I'd never put him behind a mask *grin*

To read more about what the plot will be for the sequal and the links just peak behind the cut.

Phantom Returns to T.O. )


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