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Thanks to Gaby aka Gottara we have the web clip for ETERNAL that I've placed under the cut.  I've also put the trailer and onscreen description for ETERNAL from Rogers Cable as well.  Spoilers ahead :)

Eternal spoilers )

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Credit to TessMercer on youtube and Chloe from Devoted to Smallville for this director's cut.  There is some background noise but its a really long director's cut so be warned.  Since it is a spoiler I'm putting it behind the cut.

Eternal )
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Thanks to Gaby aka Gottara for sharing this new trailer featuring Erica Durance for the next episode of Smallville, HEX.

Spoiler Trailer )

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Thanks to Reevesdam over on Divine Intervention for finding the clip and Christianjax for sharing it on youtube.

Infamous Clip )
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The Space Channel in Canada has not done a trailer for 3 weeks now and they didn't do one for Bride either.  But, they did release a general promo trailer today featuring Clark Kent...THE MAN, THE HERO, THE LEGEND.  They have used previous footage so there are no spoilers so sit back and enjoy.

FYI...go directly to youtube to watch it in Hi-Quality :)

*please credit me if you share since I made the effort to find it to share :)

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*credit to the Space Channel
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By the Space Channel recorded October 23 2008

*credit Sunflowercyn please if you share*  Enjoy:)

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Recorded October 15 2008

Credit me if you share:)

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*credit to Rosey for taking the time to share this with us

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*credit goes to Chumpy :) Thanks

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...stiff as a board eh? lol consider yourself warned  *grin*

recorded October 7 2008 from the Space Channel

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By the SPACE channel


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