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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Medals

I saw this during Olympic coverage the other day and I thought I'd share it with my F-list who are watching the Olympics. Each on of the 615 medals being handed out at the 2010 Olympics is "one of a kind" and if you lay them all down in a specific order they would from an original piece of First Nations artwork. The Canadian Mint took the artwork and literally sliced it up into 615 pieces so that every athletes individual accomplishment would be honored by and a unique medal. So now the athletes can take their medals to the Canadian Mint and find out which part of the art their medal is part of. What a great idea!  FYI they used another piece of artwork for the Paralympics medals as well.
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What does fellow British Columbian's Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Erick McCormack, Kim Cattrall, Steve Nash, and Sarah McLachlan want you to do?

This commercial has been on heavy rotation during the 2010 Olympic coverage in Canada.  Get a load of how BIG the trees are!  How about where Kim Cattrall is standing which could easily be California's Napa Valley but that's where she grew up.  That beach at the end.....we took our little guy there this past summer.  God I miss it!  I've put the longer 90sec version under the cut that shows more footage....enjoy :)

Longer vid here....come you want to see! )
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As promised here are more interior shots of the Marine Building in Vancouver that Smallville uses for the Daily Planet.  I found some more of the elevator including the inside and surprisingly Smallville did an incredible job of duplicating the real one as you'll see under the cut.  The interior is a bit over the top but during this time of the race to build taller and more lavish skyscrapers in North American cities I'm glad that it still survived because sadly so many others have been torn down. For example the Toronto art  deco tower that was the home for the Toronto Daily Star that Joe Shuster worked at and was the inspiration for the Daily Planet is gone except for its artful brass doors.  I stumbled across them one day downtown when I was helping Alexander in his stroller and noticed them and a small plaque.

Interior Lobby of the Marine Building


Tons more under the cut...take a look! )

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The Marine Building aka Smallville's home of the Daily Planet has always been one of my favorite buildings to visit when I'm home because of its art deco architecture and its place as one of the historically important buildings in Vancouver.  I am hoping that this time we will be able to get inside to take some photos because if you think the twirling front doorsat the street entrance you see on TV every week are amazing it is nothing compared to the craftsmanship of the interior lobby and elevators.  The set designers on Smallville really don't get enough credit for the work they do and I hope to share some photos so that my F-list can see how much they were inspired by the actual building and tried to replicate as much as they could for the show.  I am going to post some photos in the next few days of the interior but for now I was doing some research for my trip to Vancouver when I came across these incredible photos of the exterior by a photographer called "Tripleman".  You can see below how even the roof of the Marine Building as been re-created at the Smallville studios in Burnaby for some of the iconic scenes.  So a big round of applause for the set designers for their hard work for the show *smiles*

Inside the cut you can see the images full size and a big thanks to the awesome photographer "Tripleman" for sharing these photos.


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You guys have to allow me a hockey fan moment because in a very exciting overtime with only 19 seconds to go, the Vancouver Canucks score and sweep the St . Louis Blues last night 4 games to zero and are the first team to move on to the 2nd round.  

Playoff fever.... )
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I can't wipe the smile off my face this morning because my hockey team took a 3-0 lead in the best of 7 series in the Western Conference Quarter final last night against the St Louis Blues. :)   Sorry but it's Stanley Cup Fever time and hockey rules up here so I gotta share *grin*.

In NHL history, only the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs and the 1975 New York Islanders have erased three-game disadvantages and come back to win best-of-seven series.  - Globe and Mail

With the way that Roberto Luongo is playing right now (the league's number one goalie) I think that the Canucks will be moving up in the series :)  White towel fever is alive and well again.  Go Canucks!!!
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One of my favorite 80's bands that are still rocking. *grin*  I was surfing youtube and I can't believe I found video from the '87 "Slippery When Wet" concert in Vancouver that I went to.  I remember I couldn't talk for 2 days after wards because I lost my voice from screaming so   I don't know if you guys know but  BON JOVI recorded that top selling rock album in Vancouver and the title is a tribute to their famous past time they had while recording  that he talks about in the introduction to the song.   Slippery When Wet refers to an erotic dancer's routine at an infamous Vancouver strip club called the No 5 Orange that still exists where the dancer would take a shower on  He really loved my hometown and dedicates the song to those girls from the clubs....bad boys but still love 'em.

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The Vancouver band...SPIRIT OF THE WEST singing the drinking song....Home for A Rest. 

I love the celtic influence in this song that you usually get from bands from the east coast of Canada.  This song makes you want to go grab you good friends and get down to the pub and hoist a pint :) Happy long weekend friends :)

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I saw this on the morning news yesterday and I have to say I'm not surprised.  Growing up near mountains, in the winter you always hear about folks skiing or venturing "outside of bounds" or in the summer hiking and getting lost.  it's just that in BC when you go into the back country you really are in the wilderness and at the mercy of mother nature.  It's best to respect that as you are about to see.  *shakes head*

The video shows a snowmobiler surviving a massive avalanche in Valemount, British Columbia.  This is near the Rocky Mountains at the BC/Alberta border not far from Jasper National Park.on Saturday April 4th/2009. 

CBC News Story about the incident
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I saw this on the morning news today! People from all over the world are tuning in to the "Eagle Nest Web Cams"  waiting to see 2 baby eagles hatch.   There are LOTS of Bald Eagles or THUNDERBIRDS as the First Nations (Indians) call them in the Vancouver area and BC for that matter because of the abundance of salmon for them to feast on.  This web cam is located on Hornby Island which is a short ferry ride from Vancouver and the 2 other ones are on Vancouver Island and in Delta just south of Vancouver near where I grew up. I have alot of memories of seeing them when I'd be out for walks at the University or along the beach.  Actually the best time to see them is in the winter because the largest gathering of Bald Eagles in the world occurs just north of Vancouver on the way  to Whistler.  Thousands come to feast on the spawning Salmon near Squamish.

If you have never been near one, to get some perspective on how big they are just spread your arms straight out and then you get an idea of how wide their wing span is from tip to tip.  The background noise you hear are forestry workers taking down trees not far away.

Thunderbirds and eggs )
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As Smallville and Supernatural are about to finish their productions for this season another big production is beginning in Vancouver for the next 2 months.  The Twilight Saga's NEW MOON is going to be filming in Vancouver and Twilighter fever hit the town hard as the cast was spotted every day out and about Vancouver's downtown spending time together.    I can't believe how many times I saw pictures of Robert Pattinson posing with fans as he was checking out another pub in Vancouver. Sigh....Tom Welling where are you? *grin*

Here are 2 pics from their dress rehersals of Edward and Jacob and the rest of the cast pics will be found under a link behind the cut. Credit
spoiler TV


Under the cut for my F-list who are fans of TWILIGHT, are links to the latest news and sighting out of Vancouver.

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I can't believe that in only 365 days, Vancouver is going to be hosting the next winter games.  Vancouver is part of what we affectionately call "sea to sky country" where you can roller blade on the sea wall in the morning, have lunch on the patio and in 30-45 minutes later be boarding a chair lift to go skiing.  Vancouver is partnering with the incredible dual mountains of Whistler-Blackcomb located 2 hours away for the Alpine events.  These mountains boast the longest ski runs in North America as well as the home of the famous creation of the Fortress of Solitude scene in Season 4 of Smallville when Clark throughs the crystal.  Closer to home just 30 minutes from downtown on Cypress Mountain is where the freestyle and snowboarding will occur.  Just down the road from where I used to live they have built this fantatstic venue for the speedskating!   The Olympic Torch was revealed today for the first time and it seems my BF's collegues have been busy making it :) Am I going back home during the games?  Try and stop me *grin*.

Behind the cut I've placed an official 2010 Video showcasing Vancouver and a picture of me by the official countdown clock.

Vancouver 2010 )
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Vancouver...almost hidden by fog.

I wanted to share this amazing photo that has been making the rounds via email among my many friends in Vancouver.  Just before winter and just before spring in Vancouver, temperature inversions can occur that will create a thick dense blanket of fog to envelope the city.   It is so thick that the sun can't even burn it off and because of the ocean and mountains will stay in place for days until the ocean winds move it away.  In the city you feel the dampness like you would on a very cloudy day but when you go to the top of one of the nearby mountains to go skiing you are in another world. :)  And yes...for Tom Welling fans the movie THE FOG was indeed shot on a small island not far from from downtown Vancouver.

This photo was taken high above Vancouver in the morning on the road to Cypress Mountain which is around 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver where the temperature on the mountain this morning was 10C and the temperature in the city was 2C. Behind the cut I'll also put photos of how it looks when there is no

*This incredible picture is credited to Blair Kent and I've uploaded a big version of it for you to enjoy.  Follow the cut to see a link to his Flickr account and see more incredible photos of my beloved city and blogs talking about the incredible fog that has got photographers in a frenzy in Vancouver.

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Wow...what a surprise my BF and I had when we were watching BULLETPROOF last week when we saw one of our favourite waterfront haunts flash on the screen.  Thanks SV for giving us a quick glimpse of home.  Still looks pretty at night.



*screencap courtesy of KEakaCK


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