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My friend [ profile] shatzen83 shared with me another CLOIS video she found that I was surprised to find out was done by a beginner, Priya.  Good job! :) I liked her choice of clips and fast editing to showcase all the Clark expressions that has reserved for Lois over the last 4 years as well as all the special "looks" that Lois has given to Clark over the same time period that have gone from teasing to flirty.

I hope you guys enjoy it and have a great weekend!  I am 'cause in less then an hour my neighborhood is about to close the main streets down for 3 days and host the biggest Greek Festival in North America.   Over one million folks are expected! I'm drooling already just thinking of all the amazing food.

*I suggest watching the video in HD....way better!

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My buddy [ profile] shatzen83  shared this awesome Lois Lane tribute video created by CataInDaHouse.  I love it vecause it captures Lois's personality perfectly and it has some CLOIS in it. Its to the tune Suddenly I See.  Enjoy.

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My advice is to not panic but even if we were not worried about the flu, its common sense to wash our hands a lot. Disgusting new TV commercial done by the British Government about the 2009 Swine Influenza Outbreak and proper hygiene.  That's one way to get the point across I guess.  

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I've met a alot of great people online and well some not so great if the truth be told but this post is not about those folks.   One of my friends that I met online through Smallville fandom is Jana [ profile] jr24tw .  *huggles*  Babe you have been my picture angel and I'm glad that I got to know you.  Under the cut I've placed some recent picttures of Alexander, my "little Lex", and a video of him getting really excited watching streetcars....AGAIN.  Today he had bus drivers and truck drivers honking and waving at hm when we were out for a walk.  Geez and to think that used to happen to  Enjoy :)

Little Lex )
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One of my favorite 80's bands that are still rocking. *grin*  I was surfing youtube and I can't believe I found video from the '87 "Slippery When Wet" concert in Vancouver that I went to.  I remember I couldn't talk for 2 days after wards because I lost my voice from screaming so   I don't know if you guys know but  BON JOVI recorded that top selling rock album in Vancouver and the title is a tribute to their famous past time they had while recording  that he talks about in the introduction to the song.   Slippery When Wet refers to an erotic dancer's routine at an infamous Vancouver strip club called the No 5 Orange that still exists where the dancer would take a shower on  He really loved my hometown and dedicates the song to those girls from the clubs....bad boys but still love 'em.

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I saw this on the morning news yesterday and I have to say I'm not surprised.  Growing up near mountains, in the winter you always hear about folks skiing or venturing "outside of bounds" or in the summer hiking and getting lost.  it's just that in BC when you go into the back country you really are in the wilderness and at the mercy of mother nature.  It's best to respect that as you are about to see.  *shakes head*

The video shows a snowmobiler surviving a massive avalanche in Valemount, British Columbia.  This is near the Rocky Mountains at the BC/Alberta border not far from Jasper National Park.on Saturday April 4th/2009. 

CBC News Story about the incident
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Thanks to Gaby aka Gottara we have the web clip for ETERNAL that I've placed under the cut.  I've also put the trailer and onscreen description for ETERNAL from Rogers Cable as well.  Spoilers ahead :)

Eternal spoilers )

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Credit to TessMercer on youtube and Chloe from Devoted to Smallville for this director's cut.  There is some background noise but its a really long director's cut so be warned.  Since it is a spoiler I'm putting it behind the cut.

Eternal )
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Thanks to Gaby aka Gottara for sharing this new trailer featuring Erica Durance for the next episode of Smallville, HEX.

Spoiler Trailer )

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Thanks to Reevesdam over on Divine Intervention for finding the clip and Christianjax for sharing it on youtube.

Infamous Clip )


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